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Quiet aurora arc

19.9.2023 at 22.42 - 22.45 - Mora, Ruotsi (II)
Elin Skantz

Northern lights with a car?

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Half-sky auroras

18.9.2023 at 21.00 - 00.30 - Lieksa (IV)
Satu Juvonen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Nice lights. Fog and clouds hindered visibility a bit. I mostly watched and let the camera click. It was difficult to capture the dim, pulsating lights of the after-show, but now I think I somehow managed to do it.

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All-sky aurora

18.9.2023 at 20.50 - 00.30 - Juva (IV)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

The magnificent aurora borealis all over the sky started as soon as the sky got dark. For a long time, the green cloud covered almost the entire sky and most seemed to be happening directly overhead. Several cameras shot timelapse in different directions, there was also something to shoot in the south direction. Figure 1. "Aurora borealis bubble" facing south at 22:56-00:29. Figure 2. Full sky at 21:18-22:04. Figure 3. Eastern sky at 22:22-22:57. Figure 4. Eastern sky at 20:56. Figure 5. Western sky at 21:32. Figure 6. The whole sky at 21:55. Figure 7. The fading ripples of the show in the wes...

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Half-sky auroras

18.9.2023 at 21.10 - 22.35 - Turku (IV)
Paula Mattila

The inspection of the northern sky happened at a good time, it wasn't even dark yet, but you could see the aurora borealis widely and high up, reaching up to the western sky.

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Half-sky auroras

18.9.2023 at 22.00 - 01.00 - Rautavaara (IV)
Eero Karvinen

CME again offered quite a spectacle. The cloudiness posed freezing challenges and it was up to the smallest detail so that the whole spectacle would not have been seen. The northern lights were currently spreading across almost the entire sky, offering in addition to green, red and pink hues visible to the eyes. One special feature was the so-called auroral streamer, which on the north side of the oval provided an arc-like stringy area like a substorm. Blue was also visible with the naked eye for a while in this area. In the bottom picture, these blue-toned threads. After the substorm, the sky...

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19.9.2023 at 11.53 - 12.53 - Zackenberg, Grönlanti (III)
Vesa-Matti Kleemola

Winter is coming in Northeast Greenland, fog rose from the sea over the research station. Walking to the weather station, you could admire the arc of fog for at least an hour in different intensities.

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Rare halos

18.9.2023 at 15.21 - 15.39 - Jakokoski (IV)
Marko Riikonen

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18.9.2023 at 22.16 - Rautalampi
Vesa Vauhkonen, Sisä-Savon Ursa

The northern lights were muted due to the cloud cover. But such a light phenomenon was recorded. I'm not sure about the phenomenon. A car? Fairly long-lasting: squares 8 s, gap approx. 2 s.

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Half-sky auroras

18.9.2023 at 21.50 - 23.30 - Turku (IV)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I photographed the northern lights in Rusko and Turku. At the same time, my old camera filmed a series by itself on the balcony at home. I put together such a quick (approx. 6 seconds) gif animation from those pictures from 23:00 to 23:30 at the end.

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One halo form

18.9.2023 at 17.56 - 18.01 - Helsinki (I)
Pentti Arpalahti

At Maunula's farming plots, a nice bright side sun was shining for five minutes. Visually, the twin was not visible at all.

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