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A fireball at night, brighter than the venus

27.3.2023 at 01.13 - Jyväskylä (III)
Vesa Vasankari, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

A ball of fire recorded in my two cameras, the ignition of which seems to be not seen in both. Flew from north to south.

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1 Ceres

26.3.2023 at 23.20 - 02.18 - Valtimo (III)
Veli-Pekka Häkkinen

Asteroid 1 Ceres passed galaxy M100.

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Diffuse glow

23.3.2023 at 20.51 - 21.15 - Gislaved, Ruotsi (I)
Anna Loftdal

Was out to photograph the northern lights on March 23, 2023 when I suddenly get a seemingly white patch in the sky more to the left of the picture. Thought it was a cloud. However, it is rapidly increasing in size so continue to photograph what is now, also visible to the eye, as a large white pillar in the sky. In the picture in the camera, the pillar has now turned into different shades of pink. There is also a green streak coming out of the pillar, but to the right. When the pillar then disappears, my concentration turns again to the north and the northern lights. However, take a couple of ...

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Rocket-related clouds

23.3.2023 at 20.24 - 20.50 - Pöytyä (V)
Timo Oksanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Kiruna's rocket launch photographed from Kurjenrahka National Park Timelapse video: Live video:

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Half-sky auroras

23.3.2023 at 21.00 - 21.15 - Juva (IV)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

There was no need to admire the barium balls at these angles, and even the aurora borealis of the whole sky could be seen from the gap in the clouds that only lasted a moment. But the sky shone red and white in the pictures, and that white color is the main motive for this observation report. There are some observations in Vähti where the lights of the forest machine are visible in the sky as a fan from a long distance away. This time the light source was close to the edge of the field in the neighbor's forest and the light was easily distinguishable from the clouds even with the naked eye...

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Quiet aurora arc

7.10.2018 at 21.48 - Kokkola (II)
Pentti Ketola, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Here is a photo of the aurora borealis taken at the beginning of my astro hobby, and now I have often wondered if the photo taken at Hällskäret has the Steve arc.

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Active aurora band

25.3.2023 at 22.19 - 02.46 - Vaasa (III)
Timo Alanko, Vaasan Andromeda

Unfortunately, OsmoAction's fish eye supplement has not yet reached home in the mail. It would be necessary now. I took the camera to the roof around the time of the lottery draw, and the direction of the zenith seems to have turned green as soon as possible. More active flickering will then focus in the direction of the horizon in the future. There seems to have been a confused flickering even longer. The humps on FMI's page were at their lowest readings, but the sky turned green nonetheless. Timelapse would be there: Satellites were buzzing as usual. The ...

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Quiet aurora arc

25.3.2023 at 23.15 - 00.00 - Nurmes
Raija Kokkola

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Several halo forms

25.3.2023 at 15.15 - 16.15 - Kurikka, Jurva (II)
Timo Nevala, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

When I went to the early voting for the parliamentary elections, I noticed a dim 22° ring. When I came back from the vote, the ring had intensified and other halos became visible. High in the sky, a veil of red and green. Now don't interpret this as a political statement, it was just an arc of the zenith environment! The side sun at least on the left side and the overhead arc were also visible, but mostly only brighter in the 22° ring. In addition, in the processed images, a half ring from the left side of the Sun with a slightly larger radius than 22° was "found" afterwards, but it is pro...

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Quiet aurora band

25.3.2023 at 23.00 - Pielavesi (II)
Tuija Liunala, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

on the way home ..couldn't adjust the tripod so the camera on the roof of the car and snapped. #diffuusi

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