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Starscape image

13.10.2021 at 20.51 - Laitila (III)
Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

We went with the hostess once again for an evening ride, this time to Laitila Black Lake. We stepped onto the beach to see how the Milky Way would look right. Well, it was visible. My wife already had camera stacks with me by the beach, but I still have it in the car, so the tripod ... the camera is always in my pocket. quickly get a tripod from the car that just didn’t have time for the scenery to change, didn’t have time and grabbed the best picture I’ve ever taken on my cell phone.

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14.10.2021 at 11.30 - 11.45 - Nurmijärvi (IV)
Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen

On a foggy morning, a clear fog arc on the edge of the foggy area

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Several halo forms

14.10.2021 at 14.44 - 14.58 - Hanko (III)
Nyman Pirjo

This halo phenomenon was seen on 14.10.2021 in the Hanko sky above the sun at approximately 14.44 - 14.58. Could it be an arc of a zenithal environment or some other arc? For the first time I saw such a halo. Pretty special sight. A small side hall of the sun appeared at almost the same time.

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Primary reflection rainbow

13.10.2021 at 09.50 - Tornio, Itäranta (IV)
Tuula Sillanpää

A different rainbow was visible above the Tornio if there were reflections of the arch on the side.

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Half-sky auroras

12.10.2021 at 22.00 - 01.15 - Pelkosenniemi ja Savukoski (IV)
Anu Tossavinen

Encouraged by forecasts (both weather and Northern Lights), the car trip to a clear area rewarded with a myriad of images. Shapes and colors changed almost all the time. Pictures 1-3 Suvanto, Pelkosenniemi and pictures 4-5 Savukoski approx. 00.45-01.15.

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

13.10.2021 at 00.00 - 01.25 - Taipalsaari (III)
Terhi Törmälä

Even though the weather was foggy and rainy in Lappeenranta and the surrounding areas, I had to go on a "desperate trip" with the camera. Well, it wasn't. On Taipalsaari in Suur-Saimaa from two different points. The first was taken at 0.47 and the second at 1.17.

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Active aurora band

12.10.2021 at 22.05 - Sievi (III)
Jari Ylioja

Something for a long time but because of these I had to move from under the clouds to Sievi,

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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon

12.10.2021 at 22.40 - Rovaniemi (III)
Jani Ylinampa

When shooting the Northern Lights, a fireball happened to Sony's video.

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13.10.2021 at 18.34 - Porvoo, Sondby (IV)
Jorma Koski, Ursa (Helsinki)

The moon appeared for a long time. The crescent moon emerged behind the clouds of the southern horizon in orange.

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Active aurora band

12.10.2021 at 22.30 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (III)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

The bright northern lights were badly left behind the clouds, but as the sky became clear for a moment, in addition to the high northern lights of the northern sky, a red northern lights belt moving rapidly southward appeared in the zenith. SAR? All night timelapse:

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