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Landscape image of a planet - 21.4.2022 at 21.30 - 21.4.2022 at 22.45 Hämeenlinna Observation number 108046

Visibility III / V

Mikael Asikainen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Mercury's observation period in the spring of 2022 was unusually favorable, not only in terms of the planet's position but also in terms of weather. The planet was visible several times and with little effort. I recorded the sightings on 17th, 19th, 21st and 27th of April, you would have seen more often if you had gone to look. One night I even spotted the planet from the kitchen window when I looked at the right time.

On the 21st, I went on a more proper observation trip to the ramparts of Häme Castle, and these pictures are also from that evening. The planet stood out from the darkening sky at approx. 21:35 and disappeared during descent at approx. 22:45, so it was visible both with binoculars and with the naked eye for a good while.

The first picture was taken at 22:12 and the second at 22:28. In both images, Mercury can be seen near the center of the photo.

Tento 20x60 binoculars served as a visual observation tool and a Nokia 9 phone as a photography tool.

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