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Active aurora band

18.9.2023 at 22.48 - Muhos (III)
Markku Heikkinen

Last night was the most spectacular aurora borealis of this season. Unfortunately, the cloud ferry came in front already at midnight here in the direction of Oulu. That blue color is rarely seen in those fires.

Active aurora band

14.1.2022 at 20.45 - 20.58 - Muhos (III)
Markku Heikkinen

There were also dunes among the northern lights. The shooting was not successful in the middle of the light pollution, but the shape still stands out.

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Rare halos

10.2.2021 at 11.20 - 11.50 - Muhos (IV)
Markku Heikkinen

A short distance upstream, there are large melting points. I suspect a light breeze brought ice crystals from there, which then formed that bright halo on the river.

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