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Halo phenomena covering the sky

14.4.2020 at 11.50 - 12.20 - Sölvesborg, Norjeboke, Ruotsi (IV)
Marko Karkulehto

The pictures were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone. The phenomenon was amazingly bright and colorful. Horizon ring almost perfect. The lower part of the sun also had a bright ring but there was no way to describe it. I tried to cover the sun with my hand, but no. The arc of the horizon environment still includes 120-degree side suns.

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Total solar eclipse

20.3.2015 at 09.12 - 10.32 - Midvagur, Färsaaret (V)
Marko Karkulehto

At the start of the darkness at 08:38 UTC it rained heavily and there were low clouds. It felt hopeless. The rain stopped and I got the first pictures of the cloud curtain at 9:12 (about 50%). I had been accommodated in a private house. Their son was constantly on the phone with the others. They drove around in the car and got to a good place. They said that there is usually no talk of the weather here, when it can change quickly, but now information was constantly being sent about it. Nowhere was said to be a good place, otherwise when I was where I was. There could be a good chance to see. T...

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